2012 Summer Running Streak

I'm participating in Runner's World Summer Running Streak, with a goal of running at least 1 mile every day between Memorial Day and 4th of July. I won't be logging my other (non-running) workouts here, just the miles in the streak for my own accountability. It's just ONE mile! Feel free to join in at any time :)

5/28: 1 mile
5/29: 1 mile (30 seconds faster than yesterday on the same route!)
5/30: 5.25 miles (Trak Shak run...felt like death at times)
5/31: 1.5 miles
6/1: 1.1 miles (hotel treadmill ladder run)
6/2: 1.1 miles (same as above)
6/3: 0...DAMN :( (migraine in the a.m., travel to DC with delays and hotel gym closed when I got in at 11:15)
6/4: 4.6 miles (in DC for work, hotel to a few monuments, The White House and back...would have gone longer but ran out of time! 70 degrees and 43% humidity? YES please!) PLUS I feel compelled to tell you my co-worker and I walked another 6.2  after our meetings were over! We walked into Arlington from M Street took the metro back to Foggy Bottom, walked into Georgetown and then back to our hotels! Surely this makes up for not running yesterday, right? ;)
6/5: 2.5 miles (still in DC)
6/6: 3 miles (Trak Shak...felt so much better this week)
6/7: 1.3 miles
6/8: 2 miles (with the doggies)
6/9: 3.2 miles (Strides for Steel 5K)
6/10: 1 mile
6/11: 1.15 miles
6/12: 1.35 miles (after bootcamp = death)
6/13: 6.6 miles (Trak Shak + a little extra at home with Matt)
6/14: 0 :(
6/15: 2.75 miles
6/16: 3.8 miles
6/17: 3.5 miles (trails...yay!)
6/18: 1.15 miles
6/19: 4 miles (Today I felt like I had "marathon training legs"--super sore and could not/would not have kept going if not for the company of Matt)
6/20: 5 miles (ran TS backwards and got more than a few "you're running the wrong way comments" haha we're such rebels! Had a scary blood sugar moment toward the end but GREAT run otherwise)
6/21: 3 miles
6/22: 0 FAIL
6/23: 1 mile
6/24: 2.8 miles
6/25: 2.6 miles
6:26: 1.25 miles
6/27: 6 miles (broiling hot and freaking SLOW...my hamstrings were shredded thanks to last night's bootcamp and I never felt "in control" on this run)
6/28: 0 FAIL (going away dinner for a friend + margaritas = no late run for Melissa)
6/29: 1 mile
6/30: 1 grueling mile after working the Heart Walk
7/1: 2.5 miles (got lightly rained on--so nice!)
7/2: 1 mile
7/3: FAIL again--we had company over right after work for grilling and watching fireworks and I was not "with it" enough to get it done before work
7/4: 3 miles (progression run with sprints...felt AWESOME!)

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