Monday, December 14, 2009

Injury Report (BOO)

Let me say, first of all, that nothing has kept me sidelined yet! However, last night I noticed what felt like a little hard lump on the side of my right heel. It's still here today and slightly sore to the touch. I think it may be plantar fasciitis but also think it may be from wearing slightly unsupportive moccasins in my marathon (6+ hour) shopping day on Saturday. *Keeping fingers crossed b/c it's really not comfortable to wear any of my work shoes (i.e. heels or other flat dress shoes) right now*

So I hit the treadmill tonight (2.5 mile moderate run, 1/2 mile warm up/cool down) and felt the heel pain slightly and then also felt a funky (very specific description there) twinge in my left leg. Luckily both went away quickly, but I admit I was worried for a few minutes. I popped a couple of Advil tonight and combined with a hot shower, I have been nice and relaxed while writing out my Christmas cards.

I have a 2 mile run that is supposed to be on the docket tomorrow and I have to admit I am wavering, which is not a good place to be. I should celebrate the short run and also should be able to knock it out pretty quickly but combined with the heel pain and the fact that I won't get to leave work until after 8:00 pm tomorrow (lovely 12 hour day) AND have a 3 mile run for Wednesday, I'm worried. I WILL make a pact to pack my gym bag tomorrow and will play by ear. I'm absolutely committed to the 3 and 5 mile jaunts I have on tap for the week, though.

Speaking of the schedule for the week:
Sunday: Walked 4 miles with running buddy (trail)
Monday: Ran 2.5 miles (11 min/mile) and 1/2 mile warm up/cool down
Tuesday: schedule--2 mile run
Wednesday: schedule--3 mile run
Thursday: REST!
Friday: schedule--5 mile run (long run pace)
Saturday: REST (and family Christmas party!)

Some upcoming topics I have been pondering: hydration/nutrition, clothing/gear, mental stamina/motivation, running for weight loss, interesting observations at the gym...Anything specific anyone would like to ask/hear about?

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