Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just registered!

Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour! I'm still here and I've been following my training plan diligently. This week has been more than a little whacked out as I've come down with some congestion and have been battling it and an insane work schedule.

This past week I did a 3 mile recovery on Sunday, 25 minutes on Monday (insane work schedule didn't have me leaving until almost 8pm so this was my compromise between 4 miles and nothing!) Tuesday: rest, Wednesday: supposed to be cross training but I was feeling like death and had a huge work event/presentation the next so I opted for passing out on the couch. I thought I was feeling better on Thursday and managed to squeeze in 3.5 miles before comedy club for a friend's birthday. Friday: rest. Today I was supposed to do 11.5 but I could barely climb the stairs in my house without being short of breath plus I am majorly congested. Soooo...tomorrow I will be making my very best attempt to get in my last long run before next Sunday's race. HOLY ****! Thankfully, this congestion doesn't seem to have moved into my chest (no cough) so I am going to go for it. I don't think this is going to jeopardize the run next weekend and I would feel WAY too anxious knowing that I hadn't run considerable distance in the 2 weeks leading up to the race.

I have no idea what I'm going to wear next weekend which is also making me nervous. ("Nothing new on race day") I bought some running tights last weekend which I need to test out. I expect it's going to be pretty chilly on race day and since I have been training indoors and TMI: sweating profusely through my running shorts and tank tops, I'm not really sure how to adjust for the outside weather. I know running in 40 degree weather in shorts and a tank top is not really an option as I am no speed demon and will be out there from anywhere to 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I am also still on the hunt for an el cheapo watch to wear so I can use something to help me stay on pace. Any suggestions on either are appreciated!

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