Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another race before the Country Music 1/2?

I have one more race before the half at the end of the month. What kind? One that has very little to do with running. Matt and I were selected to participate in Bromberg's Diamond Dash next Saturday!! The Diamond Dash is being billed as a high tech scavenger hunt which will be held in downtown Birmingham with the end prize being a $15,000 Ritani engagement ring. I am incredibly excited and we have both been doing a little research to get an idea of what to expect. Apparently, Diamond Dashes have been quite the trend around the country over the past year. No motorized vehicles are allowed in this hunt, but since I don't have a bike, I think we are going to rely on running to get from place to place. I have a 10.5 on the books for next weekend and of course in true Type A fashion I have already been trying to figure out how to fit that in since I don't want to do the hunt on tired legs nor do I want to get that started at 5pm. I have thought about tagging on 6 to my usual run with Amy on Sunday or possibly trying Friday night after work. We shall see.

Country Music is 3 weeks from now and during my run today, I really began to doubt my ability or desire to do the race. I think I am just tired and somewhat burnt out from following training plans since November. After this race, I know I will be taking some time off. Not sure exactly what that means b/c I def. want to keep some base mileage but I would like to focus on strength training and possibly some yoga and swimming.

Anyway, I had 9 scheduled for today and barely managed to eek out 8.17. I seriously felt like Venus Williams must have felt during her match with Kim Clijsters today. (In case you were wondering, Williams got her ass kicked by Clijsters, 6-2, 6-1.) I actually watched the beating during my run, but at least the torture for Williams took less time than my run and she still ended with a trophy and a hefty payday at the end of it. (LOL) I was (of course) on the 'mill today and the cardio room was especially roasting. I took 3 sports beans at miles 2 and 4 and was alternating water and G2 but I still stopped sweating TWICE. While I know I probably could have finished if I had really wanted to, I was absolutely drenched, salty, nauseous and mentally spent. I assessed myself at mile 5 (the first time I noticed I had stopped sweating) and wanted to quit then but I reminded myself of how hot it was in Nashville for the race last year and decided to keep pushing. ("What if this were race day? You wouldn't settle for a DNF. You would WALK to the end if that's what it took to finish.") The way the run went today made me really question what the hell I am doing, planning another 13.1 at the end of the month. I haven't quite gotten in the mileage I would like the way I did for Mercedes, but I have still been very vigilant with my plan and I am not racing on the 24th. I am going to experience this with my best friend and enjoy the scenery.

Things I need to do before Nashville:
  • Buy some running capris. I am set on shorts now but I do not wanting to risk chafing over that kind of distance with these thighs and the longer tights are going to be WAY too warm. I actually have a pair of UnderArmour picked out, I just need to bite the bullet and purchase them.
  • Buy a couple more pair of Experia socks. I have 3 pair going through the rotation and they are holding up INCREDIBLY well. I realize that I suffer in runs when I am in my cheaper socks but I have to time laundry just right to make sure I have those 3 pair available at all times.
  • Actually register for the race. I waited until the week before Mercedes in case of injury gods coming to visit. Same reason for waiting here and I really want to know that my 10.5 goes better than today. The past 2 Saturdays have not been kind to me!

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