Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Call for Creativity--Half Marathon in Japan?

So...the Birmingham Track Club is yet again working with its sister city, Maebashi, Japan, to host a runner exchange. There is a contest of sorts to win an entry into the Maebashi City Marathon (actually a half marathon) as an official representative of the Birmingham Track Club. Included for 3-5 runners is not only entry into the race but lodging and all expenses paid for a 4-5 day trip to Japan at the end of April. The only thing the runner would have to pay is for a flight to Japan. The flight is no doubt expensive but considering the experience you get in return, it seems like a minor investment.

This is where you come in.

Other than this being an AMAZINGLY cool once in a lifetime experience, an opportunity to travel and learn about another culture...WHY should *I* be selected for this honor? I'm no speed demon (they say this doesn't matter) and I don't have a compelling story about what drove me to running. I just genuinely LOVE to run and I am grateful for the ability to do so. I do think I would be a great ambassador for not only the city but for the running community (we come in all shapes, sizes and abilities afterall) but it feels so generic and bland. What would make an application stand out if you were on the selection committee?

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