Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Running Day

Temperature FAIL!!

I had grand plans to celebrate National Running Day by pounding out 3-4 miles on my favorite trail last night. After a farily lazy weekend at the beach, I was ready for a good, solo run. Gym bag in the car, water bottle filled and ready to head to Newk's for the customary quick change. However, when I left work and walked to my car cloaked in heat and humidity, I thought, "NRD you are going to have to wait until it gets cooler" That picture above? I even waited a few minutes into my drive to take it, to make sure that I wasn't getting any "my car has been sitting in the sun all day" false reading. (And yes, I know my car is dusty, I plan to get it detailed this weekend!)

Matt and I ended up heading out with the dogs around 7:30 for a mix of walking and running. Matt rolled his ankle while playing basketball with my cousin last Friday night and so he's taking it relatively easy right now. But, when we got to the end of the road that I knew was a mile long, I handed him Roxy's leash and said "Babe, I know you can't run but I NEED to run so I will run to the end and double back to meet you guys." Despite the heat, humidity and bugs, it felt SO GOOD just to run. I hadn't run since Saturday morning (when L & I got together for a 90 minute sweat session) and my legs were so happy to be pounding the pavement.

The weather yesterday reminded me of why I tend to resort to the treadmill during the summer. I used to be exclusively a treadmill runner and trained for my 1st half marathon without ever hitting the road(!!) but I've come to really not like it except for speed work. However, it might be time to make friends again...or at least with some combination of the treadmill and indoor track!

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  1. Way to get out during that heat! I would have said no way!