Wednesday, November 2, 2011

101st post...and fun things ahead

I had no idea when I was posting yesterday that it was my 100th post! Feels like such a milestone :) But seriously...I have probably "written" just as many posts in my head that have never made it to paper (errr...screen?) I enjoy writing and love looking back to see where I was and really am resolving to get things written down even if they are not "perfect". I have mentioned before that I had a blog/journal on another site long before blogging was cool (2003!) and wrote in it nearly every day.

For fun and amusement, I thought I would go back and look to see what was on my mind on November 1 "back in the day".

2003: My first semester of grad school and I was talking about my costume(s) and the Halloween parties (and all that went with that). For our "class party" I dressed up as our econ professor (Yes, I have a picture but given that she and I are employed with the same university system I'm not sharing). For the bars, my friend and I dressed up as 80s prom queens, crimped hair and all.

2004: I was talking about Matt. We met in a class that semester and were still getting to know each other. We'd been out a few times, but nothing official. I was musing about new relationships, old relationships and the passing of time.

2005: I had a lot of job stress at the time, as I was finishing my administrative residency and job hunting. Matt and I were getting ready to leave for our first real vacation together (San Diego) and were talking about me moving in with him to his townhouse.

Self-portrait in the rose garden at Balboa park...just before he told me he loved me for the first time :)

We were at the zoo from open to close

2006:  I was trying to find my identity and voice with a new boss (my current boss), trying to prove myself and navigating new responsibilies and challenges.

2007: Matt and I decided that we would go to Vegas before the Christmas holidays. His mom was gifting us some FF miles and we were super excited. (We stayed at Ceasar's, saw 2 Cirque shows and I made the rounds through a couple of was a full...and fun...4 days)

2008: No entry around that time :(

2009: I was stressing about turning 30 and recommitting to running. I had just run my 3rd 5K (Komen) a couple of weeks earlier and feeling pretty out of shape, so I decided to start training for my 1st half marathon (which I would complete in 2010)

2010: I was debating on running the Vulcan run as part of my longer training run for that weekend. I did and had a great run. Yes, I will be running it again this year, but no, I am a procrastinator and have not registered in advance.

Fun stuff! And I love seeing the evolution of my life, relationships and priorities. And I look forward to penning my next 100 posts :)

So as I continue through taper, my next race and the upcoming holiday season, I do have a couple of fun, fitness things (besides races) that I am participating in and wanted to give a shout out to...and extend an invitation for any of you to join in.

First is the Pile on the Miles challenge being hosted by Monica at Run Eat Repeat  It's very simple actually: all you have to do is log 5 miles (running or walking) each week to be entered into the weekly drawing for fun, health-related prizes. Challenge goes through Thanksgiving.

And then, starting up in just a couple of weeks (post-marathon, just my luck) is the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC) being hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish. This is my first year to participate in HBBC but I have seen it circulating among several bloggers. She has several great prizes lined up as well. And the good news is that there is still time to sign up! AND this year, she has it set up into different levels, so novice participants are not competing against those in Half Ironman training which I think is great :)

Let me know if there are any other fun challenges going can be tough to get moving again post-marathon, and I need all the motivation I can get!


  1. I'm excited for the HBBC this year! Happy 101 posts! I remember when I hit my 100 -- it was a great mile stone. And I hear you about post marathon motivation -- I'm just trying to stay active however possible.

  2. I love that you have been blogging for so long and can look back at all of that! I love that about blogging. It reminds us of how much we have grown :)

    Those challenges sound fun :)