Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, isn't that a lovely title?

But in the spirit if being totally authentic, it's kind of how I've been feeling these past couple of weeks. I've managed to hammer out a few decent workouts, including my 1st spin class (not sure I get the hype but would try again), 3 yoga classes with my favorite instructor, a running date with Amy and my first "Christmas light run" of the season, but I'm still feeling kind of blah.

I'm not in a full blown funk, but my diet has also included wayyyyy more JUNK than usual and it's only fueling crappy workouts and a poor body image. Even despite some half-assed efforts at cleaning up my eating, I'm finding the mindless late night snacking and treats at work are winning out far too often. I've started being vocal about this and am hoping that by letting others know it is NOT OK to bring me baklava at 9am (seriously! And having it around makes me want to eat it *right.then*), that maybe I can get myself centered and back on track.

10 weeks of training to half marathon PR-glory supposedly started Monday with an unplanned rest day, followed by yoga on Tuesday and possibly the worst run I can recall to date last night. (Multiple factors at work there including but not limited to: lack of sleep, jacked out diet and user-error treadmill SNAFU) I was planning to run tonight and "race" a 5K on Saturday but feeling a bit deflated from the horrible bomb last night, I'm resting tonight, running tomorrow and running with Amy this weekend...I will "race" a 5K next Saturday instead when I have my confidence back. Normally I wouldn't be worried but I want that official sub-30 5K PR (which I know for many is not a big deal but I have not run a 5K for time in over 18 months--I blew up at that attempt due to poor decision making--and I KNOW that I am beyond capable of busting through my own barrier) and my confidence could not handle a race day bomb right now.

It would also help if I actually PUT TOGETHER my training plan for this half. I need to really hone my paces and make this training purposeful. I thrive on seeing a nice Excel sheet with a plan for the week and look forward to checking each challenge/workout off the list. And even if I don't follow it exactly (and I rarely do) it's nice to have a road map for where I'm going.

Sorry that this is so rant-y but I just needed to get this off my chest so I could acknowledge it and then move on from it. I actually do have some fun things planned that I'm looking forward to sharing, but I'm not going to log-in here and pretend that life is all unicorns and rainbows when indeed it is not.

Running for better or worse...


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