Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Otherwise known as my lazy excuse for getting in a post today :)

1. I got a text from Matt that I have a package waiting for me at home. What does this mean? NEW SHOES!! When I was out running this weekend I realized that my shoes were officially dead, so after price-comparison-shopping, I hopped onto Amazon Sunday night and ordered new ones. I am a HUGE lover of the Mizuno Wave much so that this will be my 7th pair! This time around I got the Wave Nirvana 7s in blue/silver...which happens to be the exact style and color of my current shoes. BUT I have found that there can be variances in fit with colors in the same model (oh, pink Nirvana 6s I really did want to love you...), so even though I was tempted by the yellow ones, I decided to be extremely boring and stick with what's working. It makes me tempted to lace them up and take them for a run tonight, but...

2. My legs (and body) are SO sore. The intensity of my workouts right now using the FIRST half-marathon PR plan is kicking my ass. I honestly feel more beat up than I felt during marathon training. There are almost no "easy" runs or paces and almost every run feels like I'm running for the first time. So even though I had a rest night last night because of Bunco, I feel like I really need to get a massage tonight so that  I can face Friday-Sunday with productive workouts. I need to pay attention to recovery and given that work has been insane AND I have not been sleeping well but it can be really hard to admit that I need to rest sometimes. (Let's not even get into the fact that I also will be bringing home work this evening...)

3. Another reason to stay healthy? I have convinced 4 of my friends into joining me and running the Mercedes Marathon Relay! One month from today!! I will be taking the first leg (10K) and then going on to complete the half marathon before turning into a mobile cheer squad. I am really excited for this and to share more details soon!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I have always wanted to do a marathon relay! It sounds like so much fun... and a much better way to get a marathon done than running it all yourself ;)

    I hope you feel less sore tomorrow!

  2. Thank you! Headed to Massage Envy tonight and really looking forward to it!

  3. i've become a bit of a shoe hoarder. if I find a pair that i love, I end up getting a couple more that way I have them before the style changes. it's silly..but I SWEAR they aren't the same no matter how small they say the changes are :)