Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July from the "other" side of Peavine Falls

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone (in or from the U.S.) has had a wonderful day celebrating in whatever way you see fit!

It's been a pretty chill day here so far, though I did start the morning bright and early volunteering for the 31st  annual Peavine Falls Race I would say the race is pretty well known throughout the Birmingham running community though I have never actually run it as (I won't lie) the elevation gain combined with Alabama heat/humidity on July 4 (for 8+ miles) scares me just a bit.

Yes, that's the course elevation

The race director (Rick) and I frequent the same Starbucks and he has encouraged me to come out and run it  on more than one occasion (ahh, the benefits of sporting the 26.2 car magnet) so when I saw the Birmingham Track Club put out a call for volunteers, I didn't hesitate since I knew we didn't have any specific plans today. (Side note: why is it so easy to be up at 5:15 to volunteer for a race, but getting up at 5:15 for work seems like torture?!?!)

I got to Oak Mtn around 6:10 where there was already a huge line to get in but made it to the race area no problem. I wasn't exactly sure *what* I would be doing today but no matter. Well, I got assigned (to me), a really cool job...I got to enter everyone in the timing system and then run the finish line timing with Rick :)
Pre-race...499 registered participants

I looked so official for a while...but had to take this off after the bees started swarming all over the shirt and computer...yuck!

There is no mat timing on this course, they tear off the bib stubs once you get into the finishing chute, but Rick and I were the people synching each finisher with the clock. We used the select timing method (you can read about it in the link) and I have to say I had a LOT of fun watching all of the finish line action and even learning about timing. I loved watching the super competitive sprints to the finish, watching people get "chicked" (woo hoo!), and watching the last minutes 'passing' right before the chute.

And toward the end of the race, I got to meet L. from Yo Momma Runs--congrats on placing in the top 10 females! (I hope I did not freak you out with my weirdness!)

Anyway, all in all a great way to spend the morning. Matt and I enjoyed some coffee and lazing around watching re-runs (but new to us!) of the Olympic Track and Field qualifiers and I met up with a relatively new running friend at 4:00 (brilliance, I tell you) at Jemison to run an efficient progression run with a couple of sprints thrown in for good measure. I was having a really strong day today and wish all runs could feel that great.

Now I'm drinking a glass of this (so good!):

and snuggling with Roxy

and waiting for Matt to get home from playing golf to see how the rest of the evening shapes up!


  1. Awesome that you had a great run this afternoon!

    That sounds like a fun volunteer job. It fascinates me that they can get results to you so quickly at races now! And I hear you at getting out of bed for anything but work. LOL.

    Happy Fourth!

  2. I have seriously always wondered how they time the finish at these things! That would be my dream job. It was so great to meet you at the race. I was just coming over today so I could link to your blog in my race report when I saw this new post. Obviously I'm behind in my blogging/reading!

  3. I'm over from Yo Momma's blog and wanted to say hi. I'm another runner from Alabama. We live outside of Huntsville in Madison. Hope you guys enjoyed your 4th of July!

  4. Thanks for the love everyone! I have been swamped at work and just trying to survive the day to day plus training!