Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better day today!

After mentally struggling with my run Saturday, "not feelin' it" on the trail Sunday, and having "ok" interval work on Monday, I would be lying if I said I wasn't kind of dreading my run after work today. 3 miles working at a quicker speed (5.7mph), which (other than the speed aspect) isn't anything really "new". I am happy to report that the run went GREAT tonight! It was storming outside so I fully expected a crowded gym, but it was actually nearly vacant and I got one of my favorite treadmills directly below a ceiling fan. Hey, it's the little things! I felt absolutely great during the run and really got lost in my own thoughts (started drafting a document for work; I hope I can remember it tomorrow!). There was a woman a few treadmills down pounding it out at 7.5min miles and I could tell she was only in there b/c of the conditions outside. She was really kicking it and I thought of all the speedy bloggers out there, hoping everyone was having a great run tonight.

Some of my friends had expressed interest in running the Rumpshaker 5K at the end of March, so I went to the "trouble" of setting up a team and not a damn person has registered and team registration ends Friday. While initially I admit I was a BIT pissed, I am looking at this as an opportunity. Knowing that most of these gals were not runners, I was feeling kind of guilty trying for a PR and not hanging back and being encouraging, so I was thinking of ditching the PR goal and just running for fun and finding another race for myself within the following weeks. Well, now the quest for the PR is ON! I am pretty confident that I can make my time goal by just running hard for the 3.1, but I'm wondering what how interval strategy would work for race day. Honestly, I have no doubt I will PR b/c I am a heck of a lot stronger than I was at BE&K last Feb (which is where my current known PR sits), it's being able to achieve a time beginning with 2X.XX. A side note: I may actually have had a PR at Komen in October but due to the mass crowds and no staging, corrals, etc and HUGE groups of walkers, I don't pay the extra $10 for the chip timing b/c conditions don't warrant it.

I have a 30 min tempo run on the blocks for tomorrow but I also have an early day and then Bunco after work, so I might *gasp* deviate from training and take a rest day. I'm actually packing a gym bag so that if weather is cooperating I can run around my friend's neighborhood for a bit (likely not a full on tempo run though). Either way, 7 up for Saturday and looking forward to it.

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