Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm not just running for the PR

I am aware that I should be asleep right now but I got home LATE from work and then DIED on the couch for 3+ hours so I am getting all my stuff ready for the morning, rearranging some stuff on the iPod, etc.

I know I have focused a lot on the PR aspect of this race (and for better or worse, I actually ran race tempo for my 3 miles on Wed, but that's another story), but even before slowly developing this running addiction I had been planning on participating in the Rumpshaker for several months. My uncle who is in his late 40s, was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer just before Thanksgiving (2009). I am extremely close to he and my aunt (my mom's sister and she is seriously like a 2nd mother to me), as well as my 13 y/o cousin (who is more like my nephew). Ryan (my uncle) is putting up one heck of a fight in hopes that he can watch his son grow up. It's been a rough few months for their family and I continue to be amazed at their strength and perseverance through countless trips to the ED/hospital/clinic, extreme sickness from chemo, daily adjustments to a new lifestyle, not to mention the emotional battle that each of them must face internally every day.

I am wearing a sign tomorrow that I am racing in his honor. (Ryan could CARE LESS if I PR, he has bigger fish to fry.) All of the proceeds to the race go directly to local hospitals/research labs in the hopes of finding a cure for a disease which offers little hope unless caught early (and rarely is). I have lost too many dear family members to cancer (various types) and too many others that are dear to me have been affected, so these are causes which I am truly passionate about.

Thanks to Tall Mom on the Run for the high five! Both Kathryn and Lauren are 6'0" so I will be in "tall company" tomorrow! Race report and pics to come sometime after my pedicure tomorrow. Oh how I feel for the poor Aveda Institute student that gets these feet tomorrow. LOL!

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