Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last fall Matt and I went here:

It was THE most amazing trip I have taken in my 30 years and made an incredible impact on me. Although I believe in exploring and not returning to destinations, I am itching to go back and if someone told me to pack tonight and get on a plane tomorrow morning, you can bet I would be ready. I have not been actively seeking out this programming, but in the past two nights I have watched fascinating documentaries on Alaskan bears and Icecaps/Glaciers in Iceland (and snuck in an episode of Deadliest Catch while waiting for LOST to come on!). OK, so Iceland may be a stretch, but so much of our Alaskan adventure centered around glaciers (viewing them, learning about them, hiking to them) and I just think they are absolutely fascinating creations. I could gush on and on about Alaska it was so truly amazing and I know in my heart I am not done exploring that great state. I also don't know if there was ever a time where I felt more at peace. (We actually slept with the door to our balcony open taking in the crisp FRESH air, not wanting to miss anything)
And to make this marginally about running, these are representative of the views I had every morning from the gym in the front of the ship. This along with the amazing wildlife (whales, seals, sea lions, dolphins, birds). Ahh...peace :)

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