Saturday, August 28, 2010

I did it...and enjoyed it!

Up at 6:30 and out of the house by 6:50 which was a tad later than I wanted but still fairly impressive for me given my 1am bedtime! When I stepped outside it was already humid and the sun was fighting the clouds for dominance...I was worried I might be overdressed: knee length running tights (b/c too much chafing with shorts over this distance!) and my Under Armour Heat gear "I heart 2 a days" shirt (seen here but I own it in white with teal writing and wear it more form fitted than the model) but I filled up my water bottle, set a bottle of gatorade at the bottom of the driveway and headed off!

One of the things that I finally got around to doing last night was uploading one of my Marching Chiefs CDs from my time at FSU. (I found all of the cases but only one CD...the one from 1998...I have put out a plea to my girlfriends for copies of 1997--my rookie year, and 1999-2000) I suspected it would be good running music b/c seriously what keeps a pace more in check than drum cadences? totally rocked and mentally transported me to another time. With 72 minutes of music, it's also great for passing some considerable time. I would be happy to make a copy for anyone who is looking for an unconventional way to spice up their running music!

So back to the run...apparently I REALLY don't pay attention to how hilly roads are when I drive b/c it was rolling hill central throughout my run. I tried not to pay attention to it and tried to remember that this is going to make me stronger (and enjoyed the downhills). So while I managed to avoid the "monsters" of 120+ gain in less than .2 this route was my NO means flat. This is my route/elevation map (I tried to just insert the image but it kept randomly picking 1.5 mi chunks and I'm tired of dealing with it)

I was really nervous about crossing over a 6 lane hwy (and running down it at 2 different stretches) but that part was really fun, actually! There were more cars on the road than I expected this morning but I think the idea that people might be watching me really helped me keep good form during that part and DEFINITELY squelched the desire to walk! I passed a couple of runners on this hwy at different guy had on full headphones and was running with (instead of against) traffic which made me REALLY nervous for him! I had one earbud in and was VERY aware of my surroundings...I think the 1 earbud is actually all I need for runs like this.

Overall, I really enjoyed the route and would use it again though there were a few areas where there was NO shade and it was hilly and it was just draining. It reminded me of a couple of sections of the Nashville 1/2 marathon course, actually. THANKFULLY it remained quasi-overcast for a little more than half the the end, when the sun was fully out, it was broiling out there but the mature trees in the neighborhood helped keep it bearable.

Other things to note:
--Getting up early wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and being DONE before 8:45 was really liberating! Even now, I have my errands and laundry done for the day and w/o Matt here I'm kind of at a loss!
--Chocolate chip Cliff Bars taste like ass. I choked one down this morning on the way out and by mile 3 it was feeling like a brick. It wasn't messing with my stomach necessarily, but who wants to burp fake chocolate protein bar? GAG
--I need a handheld, ASAP and after feeling the weight of the bottle, I know I would not want that around my waist
--After the weirdo and steep hills on the "Municipal Drive" portion of the run (and crossing back over the Hwy) I felt not good and was worried about the remaining distance. (This was around the time of the Cliff Bar burping) Took 3 sports beans and felt better almost immediately
--The old men in Sneaky Pete's were laughing at me (and pointing through the window) this morning (between mile 6 and 7) it made me want to kick serious ass
--There was definitely some walking going on today. I would be in the groove for 20-25 minutes and then zapped. Would walk 60 or so seconds and barely be able to keep it together for 5 minutes. Usually one more walk break solved it. I finished in approx 1:46 (including a 2 min stop to fill my bottle with gatorade and 2 different 1 minute stops to stretch and readjust my pony tail) Considering copious walking at times, I'm happy. I embrace my "speed" (or lack thereof)
--Glee's version of "Don't Stop Believin'" is awesome for running!! as is Neon Trees' "Animal" (In full disclosure, I'm not a fan of Glee...I've never seen a single episode)

Sweaty and accomplished and ready for a shower :)


  1. What is sneaky pete's? Sounds suspicious!

    Ha ha. It sounds like you kicked butt on this run! Yay! And look at those hills... I am in hilly Kansas City right now, but think I am going to look for a flat park in the morning. I also think I will be up late and getting up early, so that is encouraging. :)

    Love the under armour top. I wish their stuff wasn't so expensive!

  2. Thanks! Sneaky Pete's is an extremely gross hot dog place that also serves equally gross and greasy breakfast food. There is also one by my office that has left a permanent funky smell in the air surrounding it! Thankfully the one near my neighborhood doesn't emit the same funk!