Thursday, October 14, 2010

So far behind...

I am so far behind on blogging and I feel like I haven't truly caught up on anything since I returned from Disney last week. A glimpse at some of what I have been up to over the past week (besides work, work, work and the usual training runs...which have had a bit of variety...that for another post)

This year's race drew over 16,000 people! I lost my grandmother to breast cancer (she died before I was born) and have several other friends and family members who have been touched by the disease, so this is an extremely important cause for me.

My "second mom" Lisa sent me this shirt. One of her close friends (a survivor) did the 3-day in Philadelphia, so I wore the shirt in her honor.

Amy and I ran the 5K together. I had gotten up early to do my long run and counted these as the last 3.1 miles. I paced Amy and amazingly ran negative splits and came very close to an unofficial race PR (but the race gave up chip timing this year)...very pleased!

I am a HUGE college football fan. I listen to sports talk radio many days out of the year (and almost always on my commute to work), subscribe to sports blogs and love ESPN. However, I get VERY stressed watching "my" two teams, Auburn and Florida State and if I'm not in person watching, I am glued to the TV and often get so worked up that I have to watch it by myself (Matt can't take the screaming and my stress levels). I think a lot of people might be shocked if they were a fly on the wall watching me watch football games that I really care about. Just FYI, I am an FSU alum and grew up in Auburn, Matt is an Auburn alum as is most of my immediate AU is the team I grew up loving and still do!

Daniel Tosh was in town Sunday night and Matt and I went and saw his stand-up act with Matt's friend Troy and his wife, Julie. I have never seen his show on Comedy Central (Tosh.0) but this show was f-ing hilarious. Highly inappropriate at times but really funny. He actually kind of looks like a cross between Troy and Jeff Lewis (from Bravo's Flipping Out) Great end to the weekend!

Decorating for fall... preparation for hosting these lovely ladies for BUNCO on Wednesday night (This was from our Christmas BUNCO last year). Homemade baked ziti, salad, brownies and pumpkin squares. Good times and the lowest stress BUNCO I've ever hosted. Being in a routine with my house cleaning took 90% of the stress off. Ziti is one of my "automatic" recipes so even though I was making a double batch, I was very much on autopilot and actually had everything ready before my guests arrived for dinner. (Go me!)

And last but not least, this morning Roxy and Bali had a little sibling rivalry which threw a loop into the day. Roxy is OK and not missing an ear(!) but it's pinned back and bandaged as a precaution against any further bleeding. Bali nicked her ear in 3 places and apparently dog's ears bleed very badly when injured and have a hard time healing. R&B (as we affectionately call them) are usually BFF so this baffles and concerns me. (The incident happened while I was in the shower and Matt broke it up) We need to do a little "alpha reinforcement" (R is the alpha and B seems to be challenging that position) but hopefully everything will get back to normal soon!

Tonight we have an out of town friend staying with us and had delicious Flip Burger for dinner. I'm looking forward to a quiet night in tomorrow before my 16-miler on Saturday morning. New PDR for me and I'm nervous about the route!


  1. Ha! We are watching Tosh.0 right now :)

    Congrats on the Komen 5K! I have heard they get pretty crowded (which is great, actually). What did you think of it?

    Poor Roxy! What do you have to do to work on them getting along better?

  2. I really love the Komen race. It was my 1st 5K 3 years ago and one I intend to do every year. They actually did away with chip timing this year b/c of the crowds but I never pd for it anyway b/c of that very reason.

    We need to be more consistent with making sure Roxy has alpha status. Stuff like making sure she is always first...feeding, going outside, coming back in, getting let out of her crate, etc. They have always gotten along and are very sweet dogs so we are very upset over this!