Thursday, December 2, 2010

And in other news...

I am not feeling quite as CRAZY today!

Hotel booked: 4:45pm

Massage Appt: 5:30pm :)

The hotel was a tad more than I wanted to spend BUT it's downtown, attached to the convention center/expo, has free trolley service to the start and the course passes at mile 4, so if nothing else I will get to see Matt at least once before the finish! The peace of mind I have MORE than makes up for the $50 I went over "budget". (Not to mention we have a comped room in Tunica Saturday night so that should count for something!)

This is getting real!!

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  1. Tunica! I used to teach at the high school there years ago. I have very fond memories of the town and the Mississippi Delta in general. Good luck on your race! You will rock it!

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