Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Denial

So, I have a confession to make.

I think I am seriously in denial that I am going to be running a marathon this point...less than 72 hours.

Seriously. WTF?

I have not really been nervous until this point. But it's hit me like a ton of bricks this week. Last night was a scheduled rest day and what I do with my extra time? JACK SQUAT. You think I could have used the time to begin gathering my things, work on my mile by mile dedication list, work on my play list, or hell, BOOK A HOTEL ROOM (since, no, I have not done that yet), but no, I sat on my rear watching bad TV and finishing my Christmas cards instead. Priorities, people!

This is really unlike me as avoidance is not one of my standard coping mechanisms. But here I sit at work, almost 12 hours after I arrived this morning, finally wrapping up (extremely busy day)and actually printing some information about the race and stressing about what to wear, where to eat the night before, etc. Maybe if I write the specific things I'm stressed about, it can serve as a release? (Can you tell I worked in the mental health field before moving over to the big bad world of administration?)

#1. My achilles and I guess, my body in general. I haven't talked much about it though it has been feeling better. BUT running no doubt aggravates it, even on shorter distances and therapy has not been totally pleasant. Also, to say my 20 miler was not a confidence builder would be an understatement (I also got VERY dehyrdated/moderately disoriented) and I worry about something happening to my tendon/leg and worry about bonking out. I am planning on continuing with my prescribed stretches, using the last of my anti-inflamm patches over the next couple of days and listening to my body...and possibly getting a massage tomorrow evening. I am also making it my goal to get in 100 ounces of water every day this week (will begin adding electrolytes tomorrow) far haven't made it...72--Monday, 60 yesterday, at 80 so far today...but I am moving in the right direction.

#2. What (NOT) to wear. I am actually surprised to be stressed about this because I generally feel like I have had this figured out pretty well for my long runs this training cycle. However, I have had the luxury of looping back by my house and being able to trade long sleeves for short when needed. (This was always planned as I knew I would be warming up after 7 miles or so). Temps are predicted 40 for the low, high in the upper 50s. Race starts at 8 and I will be running for 5 hours. So I need to plan for the warm and I don't want to double layer b/c I SWEAT. Logic would say arm sleeves but I don't own these and "nothing new on race day" I may just wear a cheapy l/s tee at the start and ditch it within the first couple of miles (or immediately). The rest of the outfit is figured out: capri length tights, IronMan socks, Mizuno Wave Nirvanas, Nike sports bra, bondi band. Carrying the handheld, wearing a shadow pack and rocking the iPod. That being said, I know myself: I will pack multiple options!

#3: Where to eat? Luckily I have a pretty strong stomach and am not worried about "what" so much as "where" What if the food sucks or is sketchy?

#4: Race day morning eats. I know part of feeling like crap on the 20 was not being fueled properly beforehand. I barely choked down a Cliff mojo trail mix bar b/c A. I am sick of them (but they work, usually) B. I have a hard time eating super early. It's not a super early start (for better or worse) but makes me wonder if I should try taking in a little something extra beforehand that will "stick" a bit better. On the 20, I felt really hungry by mile 10 and that is just not a good sign. (For the record, I also fuel during with sports beans and gatorade/water alternating or makes me gag)

#5: Getting to the start on time. I guess I should be more worried about finding a place to stay! But seriously, I am not at all familiar with Memphis and Matt is SO NOT a good navigator. I do not want to be stressed about that on race morning and I am already anticipating the bickering (road closures, parking issues, etc) I am hoping he agrees to take his car. It has GPS built in which would make life MUCH easier, but no guarantees. But since we burned up the roads over Thanksgiving in his vehicle, I don't know whose car is up for the road trip. I know he'll be driving but the rest is unknown.

OK, I actually feel somewhat better now, so it's time to head home and eat dinner before running tonight. Any advice on the stressors is always welcome, though!


  1. YOU WILL DO GREAT! From reading the above, it actually sounds like you have things under pretty good control. And sounds like you are really lucking out with the weather- 40-50 is PERFECT for marathon day! I would recommend a long sleeve shirt that you can throw away or give to your spectator- otherwise you may be uncomfortably cold at the start. (But then again, I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold!)

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  2. Thank you! I think I am going to go with the throwaway l/s option. Now that I know I will be passing Matt at mile 4 I might actually be able to hand off to him since by then I'll probably be "warm" enough to know whether or not I'll need it.