Sunday, November 21, 2010

By the numbers

1: Ice Bath
2: Hours napped this afternoon :)
3: Phone calls made to family members when I was not feeling so hot around mile 16
4: Hours of running
5: Miles in each of the 4 loops I did to complete the mileage
6: Times I crossed paths with the guy in black who I often see during my early morning runs (we stopped and talked during one of the loops around the lake)
7: Laps around Star Lake
8: Workouts left on my training plan
9: How many degrees above normal was today's high. Running in the 70s at the end of the run was TOO HOT!
10: The hour in which I actually finished my run (got started about an hour later than intended)
11: People that waved or spoke while I was out and about
12: Sports Beans consumed (3 each at miles 4, 8, 12, and 16)
13: Days until the marathon!
14: Ounces in the chocolate shake I nursed this afternoon (anyone else not a fan of solid food after a long run?)
15: Mile marker at which I realized I was no longer sweating
16: Mile marker at which I considered quitting, but after taking a break to talk to family and knowing that I could walk if (WHEN) needed, decided to keep going
17: "All I do is win" by DJ Khaled...the 17th song on my "running" playlist (Also listened to today: both Glee soundtracks and the original Sex and the City soundtrack)
18: Mile marker where I got my second (third? fourth?) wind
19: Geese that I had to run through at one point in order to navigate away from the lake (approximate...humor me here)
20: Miles ran

Bring on the taper :)

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