Thursday, November 4, 2010

The League

Any fans of The League out there? This show is definitely un-PC but hilarious! Matt and I have just started watching this season (only saw a couple episodes of season 1) and find that it's a great way to spend a mindless 30 minutes on Thursday night having a good laugh. There was actually one episode this season called "The Marathon" where the dorky doctor character (Andre) trains for the Chicago marathon and annoys the hell out of everyone with his training regimen, nutrition and hydration, etc. I cracked up the entire time. Tonight Andre and another character end up in a foot race to settle a "dispute" and Andre in his full glory and tight running tights (for a 400M race) reminds everyone that he "trained for a marathon". Freaking LOVE.IT. (For a ton more reasons than the running references but those have made it even funnier)

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