Friday, November 5, 2010

Vulcan 10K here I come

So...after some debating I stopped by the Track Shak after work today and registered for Vulcan Run. Are we really surprised?

Pretty nice swag for a 10K (gender specific tech shirt...though they were out of women's sizing but I am not upset since I registered about 12 hours before the race! for free yogurt from Yogurt Mountain, all natural PB, a Snicker's Marathon protein bar and a few coupons all inside a reusable tote bag) Post race party includes beer, quesadillas (at 9am this may be a little much!) and free massages. Weather is supposed to be 35 degrees at the start (chilly but perfect!) Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


  1. wow that is some impressive swag! races here are definitely not that good

  2. I was quite pleased! We tend to have a lot of well attended and sponsored races. Where crowd support may be lacking, race orhganization always seems to be great!