Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gone Streaking

Well hell-o there! You didn't think I meant THAT type of streaking did you? I'm not trying to scare the children! (or get arrested)

What I'm referring to is the Runner's World Summer Running Streak! The idea is that one commits to running at least 1 mile every day between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. I'm in a training lull right now (active but without a defined goal in mind) and still searching for a fall marathon to really commit to and thought this would actually be a great thing to get me re-energized heading back into training season. After all, it's only ONE mile! If I don't feel like doing anything else (or don't have time to squeeze in a longer workout) I know that I will have at least gotten in my mile for the day.

I've gotten my miles in after 9:30pm both of these past 2 nights (yesterday we got back from the beach and it was late after getting settled/grocery shopping/etc and today I worked, ran errands and had rehearsal for a wedding I'm playing in this weekend--I am also the MOH so doing a little double duty there...) but they ARE done. Honestly, if it weren't for commiting to this streak (and telling Matt about it) I would have not made in the effort to sweat it out the past couple of evenings!

I've added a page to my sidebar for accountability and seriously would encourage anyone out there who is interested to join in. Who cares if it's already started? It's just for FUN and every day we are given a chance to start something new.

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  1. I'm in the training lull right now too. It's so weird to go to the gym without an idea of what you are going to do once you land. My backup option is always walking on the track while talking on the phone.:) Good luck with your streaking! Which fall races are you considering?