Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marathon Nightmares

I must have marathon on the brain (given that official training starts Monday!) b/c I just had a nightmare that I MISSED my marathon. I am training for St Jude in Memphis but in the dream I was running NYC and my mom was going to help get me there on time. Well, I wake up to find the marathon on TV and we are still out in the 'burbs (Westchester County, where both my mom and dad grew up and I spent many a summer). She tells me she didn't wake me up b/c I looked tired and that I can always "do another one soon". At my frantic request, she drives me into the city but of course the start line is closed. 18 weeks down the tubes. Aughhh!! At this point, I'm AWAKE. That dream was SO VIVID. Geez...anxiety much? I have to say that in real life my mom is the most awesome, dependable person on the planet and would NEVER do that!

I ran last night after work (5 miles) so I could sleep in and relax today since this is the last Saturday before they get dominated by my long runsng.. Hopefully I can RELAX and forget this craziness before the day gets started in full swing!

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