Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Challenged by Beth from Shut Up and Run, here is a snapshot into life as I know it. No day is ever the same, of course!

5:00a.m. Alarm goes off WAY too early. It's an early meeting day. Hit snooze a couple of times. In my grogginess realize I must have passed out without drying my hair, now to deal with semi-matted curls/waves. Thank God for my Chi straightener.

6:00a.m. Out the door. On the way to CVS to pick up a prescription. Thank God we have a 24-hour one close to our house. Listening to my favorite sports radio show. Getting fired up. Remind myself that this is why I often give up sports talk during football season!

6:05a.m. Ring the buzzer in the pharmacy drive-thru. Waiting. Waiting. This is a 24 hour drive thru, yes? Not a creature is stirring. Dammit, now I've got to actually go inside.

6:15a.m. Success! Back in the car and if traffic lights are working my way I should be able to stop at Starbucks. I'm exhausted and need some caffeine.

6:22a.m. Grande, non-fat, no whip Pumpkin Spice Latte acquired and I'm on my way.

6:35a.m. Parking lot at work. I love hospitals "after hours". Seriously.

7-9:15a.m. Meeting

9:30a.m. Opening my office door for the first time today. My office is not actually in the's several blocks away and I don't usually go there first on early morning days because it's out of my way. But I wonder if people think I'm just "strolling in" at 9:30. I know my immediate co-workers don't think this, but what about others? Why do I care? I don't pay attention to others, why do I think they're paying attention to me? Egocentric much?

10:00a.m. Another meeting.

11:15a.m. Need to get some WORK done. At some point get an email from coworker wanting to know if I can go to lunch. I was planning on eating soup and yogurt and working at my desk but I think I may be able to swing it today if I can stay hyper focused for the next 45 minutes. Find out boss is going out for lunch too, now I'm definitely getting OUT of the office.

12:15p.m. Walk to lunch. 1/2 soup and 1/2 salad from Newk's YUM Glad to get out of office.

1:00p.m. Back. Trying to multitask. Worried about some meetings that I have next week and am afraid I may need to work over the weekend to get prepared. Is it bad to hope some of these get rescheduled?

1:40p.m. Review stuff with boss, more multitasking before my 2:00 starts, including a call to Books-a-Million to find out the details about the Bobby Bowden book signing on Sunday. I am STOKED to meet him and will definitely be there.

2:10p.m. Meeting with my boss and one of my favorite doctors. Doc complimented my sunglasses(?) I obviously wasn't wearing them indoors and must have looked puzzled..."oh I was driving and saw you walking down the sidewalk earlier this week, I really liked your glasses" OK...(And no, I didn't pay that much...I won them at an event last year. I got to pick them out during a Yurman trunk show and LOVE them. I love David Yurman stuff in general)

4:30p.m. JUST getting out of that 2:10 meeting...the meeting was supposed to end at 3. It was a productive session mostly but exhausting too. More takeaways. We need to think about hiring someone. It's hard to give attention to the big picture and be forward thinking when you are scrambling in the weeds getting tasks done. I know it's all part of it and I don't mind long hours or hard work but it's hard to sustain. The meeting schedule has also been getting out of control lately. Sadly, today was a "light" day. Text Matt and let him know I should be home around 6:30. He's grilling burgers and we're watching the Auburn game tonight. It's Matt's alma mater and my hometown and where a lot of my family went to school, so I am also a HUGE fan.

5:15p.m. Wrapped up and ready for my 7am tomorrow. Check with the boss to make sure he doesn't need anything else. I can't believe I am getting out of here relatively "on time" tonight!

5:20p.m. Back at Newk's to change into my running clothes. No way was I changing in my building, it's still too early and I'm not interested in parading around in my shorty shorts with the possibility of being seen.

5:45p.m. Hitting my shaded and FLAT trail. Just going to run the paved part today. Realize I left my iPod in my car. Too lazy to go back, I will deal. Running without music is something new for me but it was good. Amazing how different my avg paces were today: 10:10, 10:23, 9:53 (with "best" times in the low 8's) even with having to cross this and stop/wait for others to cross as well:

6:35p.m. Pull into my driveway. Pretty good estimate of time! The burgers are REALLY good. Matt is an awesome "grill master" and cook as well. Dinner just in time for kick off :)

8:15p.m. Shower at halftime. I've been stinking up the living room long enough. Get laundry going as the 2nd half kicks off.

9:00p.m. Call from friend filling me in about Bunco group. I blew it off tonight in favor of watching the game and taking some time to relax. It was really nice to have this time tonight.

10:00p.m. Begin blog and facebook stalking. It's been a long but good day.


  1. I LOVE this recap. This was a FULL day. Lots of meetings. But ended on a good note with those burgers. Yes, I was wondering if you paid that much for the sunglasses! Thanks for playing along and sharing a day in the life of YOU!! PS: What exactly do you do at the hospital?

  2. Thanks! I am Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development for our health system (hospitals, clinics, physician practice, etc). *This is where most people glaze over or look puzzled...not saying this is you, but I'm used to it!* But seriously, I enjoy it b/c I get a nice mix of market strategy, operations, finance, etc and I'm (hopefully) making things better for our patients and referring physicians by creating and fostering a healthy business model and new service offerings. :)

  3. Great Day! Who did you want to win the game?!

  4. We are Auburn fans for sure :) And happy that the Saints won as well!