Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Down for the count...but on the mend

So, like I mentioned earlier, the training cycle has been going pretty much as well as (if not better than) expected and I've been managing to keep work and social obligations balanced. Had an AWESOME 12 miler in Auburn (ran 10 of that with the running club that I was originally too intimidated to run with), improving time (slow but steady) on my weekday runs and toughed out a solo 13 miler last Saturday morning and enjoyed a wonderful massage afterwards (and promptly fell asleep during it).

Then Sunday: woke up with a scratchy throat and tired (slept until 10:30) but it was raining (the reason I wasn't already on the trails with Amy) and cool outside so I talked it up to general fatigue and change of seasons.

We can quickly guess that it was NOT change of seasons, no?


I am not one to over-medicate at the first little sign and symptom of not feeling well. I tend to think that after two or so days of going to bed a little earlier, backing off the workouts, upping the vitamin C and maybe some mild OTC meds at night so I CAN sleep (in absence of being able to breathe) tends yield the same result of those that rush for a Z-pack (or whatever it's called).

Two days of this strategy and I was getting WORSE. Woke up with a sinus headache and congestion this morning so severe that I couldn't even hold my eyes open. (Nice image, huh?) So I did something I have not done in over 6 years...I called in sick to work. Knowing I had five meetings and a ton to do, but I could not afford another day of struggling and luckily my boss was COMPLETELY AWESOME and accommodating. Some of his first words: "You have to get better so you can run your race!" I mean, WOW.

So after going back to sleep, I headed to my neighborhood urgent care. I told the doc straight up that I had been feeling like crap since Sunday, what my usual philosophy was to care (above) BUT that I had a half marathon Saturday night and I had every intention to toe that line feeling the best I whatever we needed to do, I was game. Turns out I don't have a "cold" or virus...but a NASTY sinus infection that she informed me would NOT have gotten better on its own. 45 minutes later, 2 shots in my ass (Abx...and a corticosteriod--how could I NOT feel better after that?) where I may or may not have cursed out loud and 2 prescriptions later, I am feeling HUMAN again.

Matt and I took the dogs out for a 3 mile walk/jog tonight (after I spent the afternoon both working and napping) so we could get in a little "family bonding" before our trip and also so I could see how my breathing and stride were reacting. I didn't feel too bad, which was promising and I intend to get up early and try to crank out a few miles if I feel in the LEAST BIT up to it.

I haven't gotten sick in probably TWO YEARS!!! and now??? SERIOUSLY??? My running has been going SO well and I was not talking about it but seriously hoping for a PR at Disney given the nighttime (read: cooler) running conditions and flat course (flat? say what?). At this point, I'm just trying to finish strong and healthy and will take it back to the "training run mentality" so that I don't get myself too hyped up with anxiety. I will NOT be a DNF but I might not shave 10 minutes off my Mercedes time...or maybe I will? We'll see on Saturday!

Any tips for staying well and preparing for the next 3 days would be much appreciated. I have never had a race while "under the weather" before.


  1. Oh my gosh! Thank heavens you did go to the doc and get those shots (lol).

    I was sick for two weeks and got better. Then my husband came home and got me sick again. My marathon is in 10 days. I am just going to bed early and drinking A LOT of water! :)

    I hope you feel better and have a blast at the race!

  2. Thanks! Wishing you a speedy recovery as well!

  3. are you getting better now? You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.